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THERAPIES - Offered at our clinic, worldwide and online!

Our approach in the clinic - Instead of applying a pre-defined protocol and set of techniquse on the client, his/her body and energy field tell us what to do for his/her specific condition. The body and energy field tell our therapists whats going on on physically, emotionally, mentally, inter-dimensionally, karmically, at the soul and planetary levels, systemically/spiritually and cosmically, and what they need to do to heal themselves at all these levels. We teach students to tune in to the multi-dimensional information provided by the clients body and energy fields

Our approach is multi-disciplinary because most people’s problems need to be treated in a variety of different ways. Sometimes the focus is on one modality. Usually, two or more modalities are needed. For example, in the case of sore feet, reflexology and naturopathy may both be needed. For sexual abuse, both psychotherapy and body work techniques are usually necessary.

Therapies are offered at our clinic at the Queen Elizabeth Health Centre in Montreal, Canada.

All Therapies are also offered on location Worldwide. Teachers will travel upon arrangement
Contact Mary Swaine for information,
Telephone: 514 483 4763

*All therapeutic techniques (except for massage, reflexology, creative therapies and hypnotherapy) are also offered by telephone or online.




*There is no charge when this this treatment is added to other therapies


Aromatherapy & Massage

Essential oils from plants have therapeutic physical, emotional, mental and spiritual properties. The nose links directly to the limbic brain, where emotional memory is stored and triggered, so aromatherapy is very effective for emotional healing. It is used in combination with energy and/or bodywork (see below).

Treatment time: $115.00 / 75 min.

Cell Memory Integration / Trauma Release

If we experience a physical, emotional or mental trauma, we usually block the pain (for no-one wants to feel bad). The trauma thus stays in our body, anchoring the painful memories and associated beliefs. Over time this creates inner stress, eventually physical disease, and even genetic mutations. Combinations of techniques are used, that include regression, body and energy work, colour and sound therapy and psychotherapy.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!
(Excluding: Cell Memory Release Massage, and Metamorphic Reflexology)

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr - $160.00 / 1½ hrs


Colour and Sound Therapy

Colour and Sound are two of the major therapies of the future, recognized as effective treatments for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems. Colour affects all of the above levels simultaneously, which makes it not only very efficient but also the most all-inclusive form of therapy. Colour therapy works to increase the clarity, the degree of light/awareness, and the degree of receptivity in the body’s cells and auric field. There are eleven types of Colour Therapy that we use, including gels and filters, visualization, art, gems and crystals, clothing and make-up, colour channelling, colour silks, colour breathing, coloured waters and oils, food, and coloured lights. Sound Therapy techniques used include therapeutic tuning forks, the voice, and music. Sound is used in combination with colour because sound has a gravity factor and thus a direct physiological effect in loosening adhesions and retuning the body.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!
(Some techniques available at a DISTANCE, ONLINE or by TELEPHONE)

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr - $160.00 / 1½ hrs - $225.00 / 2hrs.


Couples / Relationships Therapy

The therapeutic techniques used include the reading and interpretation of the couple’s chakras and bio-magnetic fields. This is an efficient way to determine the causes for the relationship problems and explore appropriate solutions. Psychotherapy is also used to facilitate mutual communication and understanding. If appropriate, energy work is used. In addition, specific exercises and methods to be practised at home are given.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!                                                                                                                                                         

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr. - $160.00 / 1½ hrs

Energy Work

There are many forms of energy work that are used; colour, sound, radiation, and magnetism (Venusian, Mercurian, Lunar and Solar). Mercurian magnetism uses the higher mind. Venusian magnetism uses colour, sound, movement, and art. Lunar magnetism accesses and works with the subconscious. Solar magnetism transmits higher frequencies. Energy work re-aligns and restructures the energies that make up all levels, thus facilitating physical, psychological and spiritual health/evolution.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!                                                                                                                                                         

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr.

Hypnotherapy and Regressions

These therapies access the state between waking and sleep, which is the doorway to the subconscious. We are able to remember experiences blocked by the conscious mind that have created problems, and thus release them. Hypnosis accesses and changes unconscious conditioning and limiting mental/emotional patterns, including phobias, fears, guilt/shame issues, low self-esteem, and bad habits: smoking, over-eating, etc.

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr. - $160 / 1½ - $320.00 / 3hr block
Past Life Regressions: 3 Sessions of 3hrs each / $950.00

Intuitive Art Therapy

Drawing, sculpture, painting, dance and the voice are used as tools for self-discovery. Creative acitivities also used for self-healing through the release and transformation of blocked emotions and other energies.

Treatment time: $225.00 / 2hrs. - $335.00 / 3 hrs
Therapy workshops are also available.


Lifestyle Management

The therapist offers suggestions on diet, exercise programs, detoxification procedures, and rest and relaxation in order to de-stress and create health on all levels.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!                                                                                                                                                         

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr.


The therapeutic massage techniques used include relaxation massage, Swedish massage, deep-tissue massage, cell memory release massage, intuitive massage, and lymphatic drainage. Massage is used for physical and emotional trauma release, deep relaxation and detoxification, and/or for its energizing benefits.

Treatment time: $100.00 / 1hr - $140.00 / 1½ hrs


Many physical and psychological problems are linked to improper lifestyle, nutrition and/or to environmental toxicity. Naturopathy uses detoxification, diet, vitamins, herbs and/or lifestyle regimes to improve your state of health and well being. It helps the body to deal and heal with any problem – disease, fatigue, stress, trauma.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!                                                                                                                                                         

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr.

Reading the body and bio-magnetic field

This is both a diagnostic procedure and a therapeutic technique. Therapist uses Higher Psychic and Intuitive abilities to sense and read the many levels and areas within your body and bio-energetic field surrounding your physical body. Energy patterns/colours within the physical, psychological and higher level body systems are observed and described. These give insight into physical health, emotional and mental state, soul energy and purpose, karma, group connections and relationships, the past, the future, core traumas, primary needs etc. as well as appropriate solutions to problems at any level.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!                                                                                                                                                         

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr.


Reflexology is based on the principle that there are specific points on the feet, hands, ears and other body areas which correspond to all of the organs and tissues in the body. Thus, by treating a part, we treat the whole. Foot reflexology is the most commonly used, but each type has specific benefits. Reflexology is deeply relaxing. It releases blocked energy, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, and helps to normalize body functions and promote self-healing.

Treatment time: $90.00 / 1hr

Spiritual Evolution/Soul Therapy

For healing physical and psychological crises and for people who feel they need to become themselves on a soul level. Spiritual Evolution is also offered as part of other forms of therapy, such as massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy, colour therapy, etc.

Spiritual Evolution connects clients to their soul and helps them to live in the world as a soul. A deep understanding of the meaning of all life events is gained, including trauma and disease and the ability to use these events for greater self-awareness and beingness. As a part of this, deep individual work is done through individually tailored homework.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!                                                                                                                                                         

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr - $160.00 / 1½ hrs.

Intuitive Energetics

Spiritual Evolution/Soul Therapy & reading the body & bio magnetic feild + energy work.

The Intuitive Energetics therapist is able to read the energy field through his/her vibratory sensitivity and thus comprehend the causes (physical, emotional, mental, and subtle) for any problem. The appropriate energetic vibrations are transmitted through speech, body or energy work to aid in self healing.

Available ONLINE by SKYPE or YAHOO!                                                                                                                                                         

Treatment time: $115.00 / 1hr - $160.00 / 1½ hrs.

Therapies Payment


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